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Client Testimonials

Our family can’t thank you enough for everything with Burrito. Hardest decision ever, but thankful for your service being able to do it at home and to now have him back with us! The urn is beautiful! We love the hair and paw print. Wish we would’ve known about your services when we put our sweet LuLu down too. Our dogs are our life! Thank you for everything.

Metko Family

Jeremiah, Courtney, Bella, Jack and Landon

First, I would like to say thank you for offering this service.  We really wanted our precious Lizzy to be in her home of 17 years, surrounded by those who loved her, when she went to her final rest.  Thanks to Dr. Tom for being available last May 24th.  We appreciate his professionalism, skills, and compassion.  We are comforted in knowing that Lizzy went so peacefully.  We highly recommend the services of At Home Pet Euthanasia.

The Muryn Family

Yesterday Dr. Darren arrived to euthanize our greyhound.  Dr. Darren comforted our dog and she seemed to be at peace with him. He was absolutely wonderful, compassionate and explained everything. It was an amazing experience and he made this difficult scenario much easier. We wouldn't have had it any other way. There was no delay in requesting their services. So often these situations progress faster than you realize. Again, great comfort with this professional, Dr. Darren. Thank you so much!!

Laura, Deb & Becca

I used your company on Friday and I just wanted to say Thank You! It was wonderful! You made it so much easier on us! From my initial phone call till the end it was beautifully done! Dr. Blessing was perfect!!! I would highly recommend this company to anyone having to go through this. My baby girl was Ms. Lambeau and I miss her every day, but thank you again for making something so hard so much easier

Leslie B.

I cannot express enough gratitude for Dr. Kathleen Blessing’s commitment to helping my friend Toby pass away in the place that he loved. Dr. Blessing traveled to our favorite state park that Toby and I had first formed our bond and traveled to a lot over the years together. There was a lot of peace and love during the whole process. Receiving the paw print and sympathy card with a touching quote that embodied my experience with Toby helped the grieving process too. From our family, thank you for your empathy and compassion and allowing us to focus on Toby and the beautiful bond we formed together.

The Sajdak Family

My family and I are so grateful to Ms. Blessing. Everything happened so quickly when our sweet ‘Blue’ took a turn for the worse. She was extremely kind and reassuring on the phone and came that same day to help ease his suffering. I was highly emotional but she was clm and patient which truly helped me get through the process. It must be challenging to perform this role in the lives of families and their pets but it is in so many ways a gift. It makes a difficult choice ma more bearable one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this work and for helping to bring Blue’s journey earth side to a peaceful end while home with his family.

The Hustedde/Hoffmans

Weeks have passed, however your care and compassion for little Annie is not forgotten. Thank you for all your help and concern in her health and comfort. Greatly appreciated. She was a bright, obedient and grateful canine companion. Keep up the good work.


Thank you so much for the beautiful sympathy card and poem. It meant so mch to us. It wasn’t easy losing our beloved cat, Jimmy. But the care and compassion you gave not only us, but him as well, made the pain a little easier. Jimmy was an awesome companion to us for 19 years and is truly missed. Thank you so much!

William, Erika, & Winnifred

Thank you for not dismissing us when Charlie received his terminal diagnosis. You offered so many alternatives to help us through this. You have a wonderful way; you listen, you are patient, you are approachable. I was looking forward to many years as our vet. It is Wisconsin’s gain. We wish you all good things. You will be sorely missed.

Charlie & Kathy

I just want to thank you for the compassion you showed us and Dobby today. I appreciated your honesty and understanding. You helped us make a difficult decision and we are grateful for you. Thank you.

The Grohl Family

Thank you for caring advice and compassion. You made a very painful decision bearable, and we truly appreciate it! We were impression with the beautiful, respectful manner in which Barkley’s ashes were presented and the paw print brought tears to our eyes. Dr. Darren you are a credit to you profession!


Thank you for your caring heart in helping us put our special Medo to sleep. Your concern and kindness will always be remembered.

Zarko & Jane

Thank you so much for helping us during such a difficult time for our family. Your kind words really meant a lot and comforted us during the whole ordeal, thank you again.

Sarah & Matt

Thank you for the lovely card and compassion you displayed when we put our dog Lady to sleep. We appreciate your kindness.

Alondra, Samuel, & Michelle

We just wanted to thank you for your care on the day we decided to let our dog Marty go. You made the loss of him easier to cope with, with your down to earth approach and caring! We loved him and dearly miss him. Thank you too for your professionalism and forth right explanation to assist us in our decision, that letting him go was the right thing to do. We know he’s at peace now. Thank you for your compassion.

Darlene & Steve

Although we have never met, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the two days fo conversation we had with you on the phone. You helped make my difficult decision to put Nala down easier. After talking with you on that Saturday morning I knew what I had to do, with the pain that she was having I believe you were right that there was probably more going on that the discs. She seemed to be getting worse and the paralysis was going to her front legs. I called my regular vet and she was to get in with them and put her out of her misery. Thank you so much.


Ruby, our sweet tabby, had lost so much weight at age 19 that it was extremely distressing to her to be handled or carried. (After so many years of letting my young daughters haul her around everywhere.) What a blessing to find 'At Home Pet Euthanasia', especially when I learned you were brand-new to our town. Ruby was supported, and so was our entire family. Dr. Gretta gave us all kinds of time and space right where Ruby wanted to be… on her porch. No scary sounds or smells of an animal hospital – only calm in a familiar setting, surrounded by family members. Blessings to you in your work. Please accept our deepest gratitude.


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