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Home Pet Euthanasia

Commonly Asked Questions

How does this process work?

You'll start by calling our toll free number, 1.844.334.3374. From there we will automatically connect you to the On Call Veterinarian for your zip code. The Veterinarian will discuss your Pet's specific conditions and help provide advice on whether Euthanasia is the right decision and if so they will arrange a time to meet at your residence. They will also quote a final all inclusive price for the procedure as well as methods of payment (Cash, Credit, Check, or

Prior to arrival we suggest you prepare the area for your pet. We recommend playing relaxing music, lighting candles, praying/spiritual ritual, setting out pillows & blankets, provide favorite treats, or even a favorite toy. These are some suggestions but above all we recommend you make this your own private event and do what you feel comfortable with.

Our Veterinarian will call when they are on the way to your home and confirm their time of arrival.  Upon arrival they will begin with completing paper work and collecting payment. After which they guide you through the steps of the Euthanasia process.

What  is the cost?

We strive to keep client charges to the minimum required to keep us operating. Individual charges vary by region, travel time, and animal size.

See our price estimates here. 

How do I know if it is time for my pet?

Watch Courtney Campbell DVM discuss how he identifies if Euthanasia is the right choice. 

People often say “You will know.” We hear this from doctors, friends, and family members, however, based on our experiences, owners don’t always know when it is time because it is a difficult and a unique personal experience. As you are pondering this decision you may be feeling anguish, indecision, and even guilt. Just know you're not alone as these are all very normal feelings that pet owners go through.

When deciding if it is time to help your pet slip away, we look at several things:

  • Do they still meet you at the door when you come home?

  • Is your pet able to eat and keep it down?

  • Is your pet able to go outside to relieve themselves?

  • Does your animal have joy?

  • Does your pet have a disease or injury that will progressively become worse?

  • Does your pet enjoy spending time with you?

If you feel your pet is having more bad days than good days, then it might be time. This can be especially difficult to decide if your pet’s health isn’t in a steady decline. Some days may be bad and some days may be good. It often seems that the day you finally make a decision is the day they start to play and eat again. However, the next day they go back to being ill.

Most owners feel, in hind sight, that they waited too long to make the decision.

Please contact us to discuss whether or not it is time for your beloved pet. Always remember: it is the last gift we can give them.

What happens to my pet during the euthanasia procedure?

When you and your Pet are ready, a sedative injection is administered with a very tiny needle.  The injection is usually given either subcutaneously (under the skin) or into a muscle. 

  • Anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, the initial sedation will cause your pet to be very tired. 

  • Your pet may or may not fall completely asleep, and their eyes may stay open for the entire process.  Occasionally, a second injection is required.   

When you are prepared, and your pet is ready, we will give a final injection into a vein.  This final injection will cause your pet to fall unconscious, and then stop their heart. 

  • As the injection is given, sometimes breathing may initially get very rapid, but then it will slow down and finally stop. 

  • The doctor will check for a heartbeat after the injection is given. 

  • Sometimes after your pet has slipped away, the body may take a few final breaths, and muscles may subtly move.

We understand this is a very difficult process and everyone deals with loss in different ways. We will accommodate you anyway we can and we will provide you all the time you need to say goodbye to your beloved pet.

When you are ready, we will prepare your pet for their final resting place whether that be to stay with you for a burial, or if you have elected for cremation.

  • If cremation is chosen we will carefully wrap your pet in a blanket and move them to the Veterinarian's vehicle for transportation.

  • If you have chosen Private cremation you can expect your Veterinarian to hand deliver the Ashes back to you within 10 - 14 days.

Do you handle exotic animals?

We will assist with any type of home pet such as a Dog, Cat, Bird, Reptile, Rodent, Rabbit, etc. Contact us for more information about your specific pet.

Are there any payment plans available?

We accept Cash, Credit, or Check. In addition, to allow for a payment plan we have partnered with whom you can request a loan through for payment to 'At Home Pet Euth'. (The check for eligibility does not impact your credit score.) 

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