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Memorial Wall



In loving memory of Zoe - Laura, Deb & Becca


Jackson - Ginger.jpg

Thank you for your kindness and additional help on Sunday with our sweet old boy Jackson. We miss him terribly but Dr. Catherine was so incredibly loving.



Tuff my furry sweet baby. You are so missed everyday in our house. I got you at 7 weeks old. The breeder wanted to choose a different puppy from the litter and from the moment I saw you, you stole my heart. We had a almost 3 hour drive home that day. I brought a cage for you to go in for the long drive home. Not even a mile down the rode and I had to pull over cause I felt so bad listening to you whimper. So I took you out of your cage so you could ride on my lap. You ended up crawling up behind my neck like a neck wrap. So were so so sweet as a puppy. I took you every where with me. We stayed at a bed and breakfast in Ohio for a few weeks while I was in animal massage therapy school and you were very lucky to be my guinea pig! That was the best trip! You were with me for many many years , always there for me through everything. I knew you were slowing down and didn't want to chase your ball any longer. One day I came home and you just were not right. I called the at home euthanasia service to make you feel better. I wanted to be able to give you kindness in the comfort of your home on your bed. I sat there with you until the end. I miss you so much. I was so lucky to have you as my baby.



My Princess Ginger has passed away in the most peaceful way possible thanks to this wonderful service. Ginger was the best toy poodle anyone could ask for and gave us 14 beautiful years of her life. She loved walks, car rides and visiting her nana. She was never yappy and always near you to bring happiness.  We are going to miss her tremendously and will never be able to replace her.  Rest in peace my princess, I hope you find all your doggy friends who have passed before you.



Can't even sleep knowing you're gone! We love you so much Chaos, couldn't let you keep suffering not knowing how you really actually felt on the inside!

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