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The Home Euthanasia Experts

AT HOME PET EUTHANASIA aims to guide pet lovers through the agonizing decision to euthanize their beloved companions. We've always felt strongly that animals should be free of stress and discomfort especially during their final moments with us. As our closest family members they deserve our best and that is why we created an in home service to ensure pets avoid a stressful car ride and clinic visit and instead enjoy a comforting farewell with the love and companionship of their family.

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Dr. Darren Lippmann - Wisconsin

I was born and raised in the Midwest.  Growing up, I always knew I would be a veterinarian.  I have had so many different animals that I cared for, and simply can’t imagine doing anything else with my life.  I went to St. George's University in Grenada, and did my clinical year in Perth, Australia.  I have been lucky to have been afforded the ability to travel and see the world. 

I have often felt, as a small animal veterinarian, that we have been doing these animals a disservice by allowing them to be euthanized in the veterinary clinic.  I took the next step and decided to help animals slip away in the comfort of their homes, surrounded by the people that loved them most.   I have been doing house call euthanasia since 2015 and have made hundreds of house calls.  End of life care has been has been a passion of mine.  It has been an honor to help end animals' suffering and to help these families at the most difficult time in their lives.

Outside of veterinary service, I like to travel, hike, and go golfing.  I am fortunate to be married to the love of my life and have two beautiful sons.  My life is also shared with two cats, a dog, a tortoise, some leopard geckos, and fish.

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Dr. Kathleen Blessing - Wisconsin

When I became a veterinarian, I fulfilled a lifelong dream.   I always knew I want to help and heal animals.  Since becoming a veterinarian, I have learned that you have to say good bye.  Whether you are ready to or not.  Providing a home service where pets can pass in more familiar and calmer surroundings, truly is comforting.  

A little about myself:

I am originally from the Chicago land area, but I received my undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, in Kenosha.  I went to University of Wisconsin – Madison for Vet school, where I graduated in 2009.  During my time at Parkside, I studied abroad in Ireland for 6 months. There I shadowed a large animal veterinarian. (I almost became a large animal vet because of this) Besides being a veterinarian, I love to travel, learn new things, spend time with my family, walk with my three dogs, and laugh at my 3 cats.

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Dr. Thomas Armstrong - Wisconsin

Ever since I was a youngster, I have had a passion to help those who are in need. That passion led me down the path of becoming a veterinarian, where I can help animals that are in need of care. One of the most loving ways we can ultimately help animals is to make the courageous decision to peacefully and painlessly end their suffering. As a veterinarian for over thirty years, I have had the opportunity to help guide many pets and their owners through that difficult time of saying good-bye. Being able to do this in the comfort of a pet’s home is, in my opinion, the absolute best way to begin that final journey. That is why I am one of the veterinarians on-call for eastern Wisconsin with 'At Home Pet Euthanasia'.

            I am a 1987 graduate of the University of Illinois School of Veterinary Medicine. I owned an animal hospital for over twenty years in Alma, Michigan, where my wife and I raised our three children. Since selling my animal hospital, I have enjoyed teaching pre-veterinary coursework at Alma College and then serving as managing veterinarian at a practice in the Chicago area. My wife and I recently moved to Wisconsin in order to be closer to family. When I am not working or sharing time with my family, I enjoy playing the piano and pipe organ, performing in community theater productions, and public speaking.

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Dr. Debbie Ellinger - Pennsylvania

As I was growing up, I developed a love and respect for both animals and science, and decided that veterinary medicine appealed to both of these loves. Being a veterinarian has allowed me to share the lives of many pets and their families, in times of both happiness and sadness. I recognize that our pets are a huge part of our lives, and like us, they deserve a good quality of live. One of the most important and difficult choices that we face for these precious members of our families is knowing when and how to say good-bye. During my time as a veterinarian, I have helped many families with these difficult and important decisions. Our pets are all individuals, and I believe that we should do whatever we can to make their final time as comfortable and peaceful as possible in their home. Helping pets and their families at every stage of life, including their deaths, is why I am an on-call veterinarian for 'At Home Pet Euthanasia'.


I am a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania  School of Veterinary Medicine, and I also attended undergraduate and graduate school in my home state. After practicing small animal medicine, surgery and shelter medicine for over thirty years, primarily in upstate New York, I have returned to Pennsylvania to be near family. My husband and I currently share our lives here with two dogs (a Corgi and a chihuahua mix) and a three legged cat who rules the roost. I try to go birding when and wherever I can. I am also passionate about traveling to new places to explore nature and wildlife, as well as visiting our daughter in Seattle and far away friends.

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Dr. Kathryn Hogan - Kentucky

I knew from a very young age that I was meant to be a veterinarian- my Dad jokes that I wanted to be a ‘dog doctor’ before I knew what the word ‘veterinarian’ meant. This dream dictated my early and formative years, but it wasn’t until much later that I realized what being a veterinarian truly means. I take my responsibility to alleviate animal suffering seriously, and I believe that as a vet (and a pet owner), saying goodbye is the most important part of my job. I joined 'At Home Pet Euthanasia' to help owners and their pets during this difficult transition. The word euthanasia means “good death,” and I believe that this is best done for a pet when surrounded by the people they love in a familiar place.


I graduated from Auburn University in 2016, and moved to Northern Kentucky shortly after. I live in Covington, Kentucky with my wife, Jen, and 8 pets- 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, and a leopard gecko. Outside of veterinary medicine, my hobbies include horseback riding, kayaking, and reading.


Dr. Corinne Thompson - Gainesville, FL

I am a native-born Floridian, and I grew up in Leesburg, FL on a small farm with my dad, where I was exposed to all aspects of animal life at a young age. My childhood dog was seriously injured in a car accident, and I vividly remember our veterinarian being present with us, relieving her pain very quickly, and helping make the decision to let her pass in peace without any suffering. This peace is something I am eternally grateful for, and something I strive to provide to my clients. 

I attended FSU for my Bachelor's, and UF for my DVM. Upon graduation, I pursued an internship at Capital Veterinary Specialists, which has given me the advanced training to provide high quality pain relief and palliative care while pets are in the sunset of their lives. Currently, I live in Newberry with 5 dogs, 4 cats, 3 chickens, and 1 husband. I spend my spare time getting lost in the wilderness and mountains as often as possible. 


I am passionate about recognizing and alleviating pain in my patients, particularly in senior animals and cats, who are often masters of disguising their discomfort. It is an honor to be able to provide compassionate, end-of-life care to my neighbors and their beloved pets through 'At Home Pet Euthanasia'. 

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